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Gaylord Perry was born in Williamston, North Carolina and is one of the great pitchers to have ever played Major League Baseball. While he is one of the greatest pitchers of all time, some people critique him for his tricks while pitching.

The main tricks that Perry would use involved doctoring the baseball. When someone refers to a player that doctors the baseball it means that the player makes changes to the ball in order to make the ball move in different ways. One of the ways that Perry would doctor the baseball was through a method called a "spitball."

While spit balls started out as spitting on the ball, Perry would use petroleum jelly on the ball. There were times that he would use so much of this jelly on the ball that the catcher could not properly throw the ball back to Perry.

Another trick used by Perry was a trick that he would call the "puffball." The puffball was a trick where Perry would put so much rosin on his hands from the rosin bag that he would release a cloud of smoke when he threw the ball. The batter would not be able to locate the ball until it was too late and he was out of position to hit. Many of the tactics that Perry used were later ruled to be illegal. At one point in his career he actually received a 10-day suspension for doctoring the ball against the Boston Red Sox.

While he was partially famous for doctoring the ball, he was also famous for his excellent pitching skill. From the time that he was in the minor leagues he was already a solid pitcher. He posted an ERA of 2.39 in his first year of the Minors and made his way to the big leagues by 1963.

When he finally joined the starting rotation for the San Francisco Giants he had a lot of success, but his record was not indicative of a dominant pitcher. It was not until 1966 that Perry really caught the attention of the nation. He started the season with a phenomenal record of 20-2 and played in his first all-star game.

This all-star game was the first of 5 all-star teams that he would make over the course of his career. He was not only an all-star during his career, but he also managed to win a couple of Cy Young awards.

His first Cy Young award came while playing for the Cleveland Indians. He actually lost 16 games that season. The 16 losses that season were the most that a pitcher has ever lost in a season while still winning the Cy Young Award.

The next Cy Young award came in the 1978 season while he was playing for the San Diego Padres. This was his first season pitching in the National League, but he caught on to things quickly.

In 1983 Perry would pitch the last game of his career for the Kansas City Royals. Perry retired with a record of 314-265 over the course of his career. His career ERA was 3.11 and he racked up 3534 strikeouts over the course of his career. Perry was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991, receiving 77.2% approval from voters.

There are a lot of great Major League Baseball teams out there that have rich histories and have basically created their own cultures. One of these teams is the Oakland Athletics. The Oakland Athletics are currently in the Western Division of the American League and are based in Oakland, California. They currently play their home games in the Oakland Coliseum and have done so since 1968. They are affectionately known as the "A's" because of the large Black A that has become a trademark of the team, and they are usually referred to as the "A's" more than they are referred to as the "Athletics". Another nickname they have been know by is the "White Elephants" in reference link alternatif raja365 to John McGraw's statement years ago.

The Oakland A's were founded in 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were first known as the Philadelphia Athletics and then later as the Kansas City Athletics when they were moved there in the mid fifties. This Major League Baseball team didn't have a winning season until 1968 when they finished with a record of 82-80. That is 46 years of a less than desirable record. This was the start of a new kind of team where winning became expected of them. In 1970 they finished second place in their division, and in 1971 they won the American League West Title. They went on that year to the American League Championship Series but ended up losing to the Baltimore Orioles. The next year they regrouped and captured their first World Cup Championship in 1972 and followed that success with World Championships in 1973, and 1974. During the period of 1971 to 1975 they actually won five consecutive division titles as well

In the next ten years following this barrage of success, the Oakland Athletics went into somewhat of a slump, only playing in one series in the postseason in 1981. There were, however, some notable players during this time including Rickey Henderson who stole his 132nd base in the 1982 season to hold the stole base record in a single season. The next few years the Athletics used the minor league system to produce some incredible new additions to the team including Jose Canseco in 1986, Mark McGwire in 1987, and Walt Weiss in 1988. All of these players were named A.L. rookies of the year and went on to have impressive careers.

Another notable addition to the team's management came in 1986 when Tony La Russa joined the ranks as the manager for the Athletics. He would lead the team to multiple division crowns (4), as well as a World Series Championship in 1989.

In 1992, Dennis Eckersley achieved the AL MVP as well as the Cy Young award and helped lead the team's pitching situation alongside Dave Stewart. For the next ten years Oakland would have its ups and downs until in 2000 AL MVP Jason Giambi would bring new life back into the team. Since then the team has continued to struggle with mediocrity but are working to bring back their glory days.

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